A proposed daily comic strip for the Bay Area and Silicon Valley by Steve Greenberg

About this cartoon feature: "Bayshore Way," named for the 101 freeway as well as for the geography of its name, was a proposed daily comic strip for Silicon Valley, the Peninsula and the Bay Area. It was intended to be a way for me for cartoon back in my home state of California (although I was then living in Seattle, and this strip preceded my Seattle strip "Puget Zounds!"), and was pitched to the San Jose Mercury News as an answer to the San Francisco Chronicle's pioneering local strip "Farley" (since the Chron was taken, the Merc was the second-biggest paper). I had not lived in the Bay Area, although I visited often and wanted to move there, so this strip was researched in part during a long visit and fact-checked with friends and relatives in San Jose. After the Merc passed on it, I did new variations targeted at the newspapers in Alameda, Contra Costa and Sonoma counties, none of which were picked up.
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