A proposed daily comic strip for Seattle and Puget Sound by Steve Greenberg

About this cartoon feature: "Puget Zounds!" was a proposed daily comic strip for Seattle and other parts of Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. It was created in 1999, after similar attempts for Los Angeles and the Bay Area failed to sell, to be a new outlet for me for cartooning in this area (where I was living at the time), and was pitched first to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and then the Seattle Times, both of which showed interest but neither of which ultimately bought the strip. "Puget Zounds!" was a variation of the concept I first proposed to newspapers in California, and some of the characters and gags are variations of ones done for the other prototypes. The concept of a localized comic strip had been done quite successfully in San Francisco ("Farley"), Denver ("Denver Square") and other cities, although is now fairly uncommon.

About Steve Greenberg: Steve was the "other" editorial cartoonist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, there from August 1985 to early 2000, originally replacing the P-I's staff cartoonist David Horsey during the latter's sabbatical, then staying on as a combination cartonist and staff artist. In 2000 Steve moved to the San Francisco area, and then in 2002 to his native Southern California. For more info on Steve, click here.

Day 1
Aliens next door
Kane and Violet
Was that a quake?
Promise you'll write
Traffic report
Apartment wheel
Experience Music building

Raven steals the sun
Adapting to Seattle
Coffee and...
The Kalakala
Evergreen and Aurora

Everett Aquasox
House or condo?
Sunlight Cafe
Belltown P-Patch

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