Obituaries Some people automatically think it's bad taste to do any "cartoons" about the deceased, but these are often tributes, and can be poignant or humorous depending upon the subject... in fact these are often very popular cartoons, and some of these have even been requested by the families of the deceased.

Ansel Adams, photographer
Yasser Arafat

Neil Armstrong, astronaut
Hafez Assad, Syria
Ingrid Bergman, actress
Theodore Bikel, actor and singer
Leonid Brezhnev, Soviet union
Herb Caen, columnist
Johnny Carson, TV host
Cesar Chavez, labor leader
Paul Conrad, editorial cartoonist
Walter Cronkite, news anchor
William O. Douglas, Supreme Court
Gerald Ford
Debbie Friedman, Jewish songwriter
Bill Gaines, Mad magazine
Jerry Garcia, "Grateful Dead"
Chick Hearn, sportscaster
Al Hirschfeld, cartoonist
Alfred Hitchcock, director
King Hussein of Jordan
Michael Jackson
Rep. Tom Lantos, Holocaust survivor
Mary Leakey, anthropolgist
John Lennon
Joe Louis, boxer
Nelson Mandela, South Africa leader
Roger Maris, baseball player
Bill Mauldin, cartoonist
Golda Meir, Israel
Ethyl Merman, actress/singer
Richard M. Nixon
Jesse Owens, athlete
Pope John Paul II
Luciano Pavarotti, opera singer
Yitzhak Rabin, Israel
Ilan Ramon, Israeli astronaut
Ronald Reagan
Christopher Reeve, actor
Gene Roddenberry, "Star Trek"
Mike Royko, columnist
Anwar Sadat, Egypt
Terri Schiavo, life-support controversy
Pete Seeger, folk singer
Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister
Alan Shepard, astronaut
Sargent Shriver, public servant
Frank Sinatra
Space Shuttle Challenger
Space Shuttle Columbia
John Wayne, actor
Mae West, actress
Simon Wiesenthal, Nazi hunter
Paul Winchell, entertainer/inventor
John Wooden, basketball coach

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