SOUTHLANDISH, the L.A. comic strip,
a proposed daily local comic strip for Los Angeles

About this cartoon feature: "Southlandish!" was a proposed daily comic strip for Los Angeles, created around 1995 and reworked around 1998, with a few newer strips added in 2002-03. Its intended puchaser was the Los Angeles Times, which passed on it, and then the Daily News of Los Angeles, which showed apparent interest but ultimately never bought the strip. I was living in Seattle at the time and wanted to return to my SoCal hometown; the fact I was living out of state was a key reason cited by the Times for rejecting it. The concept of a localized comic strip had been done quite successfully in San Francisco ("Farley"), Denver ("Denver Square") and other cities. After "Southlandish" failed to sell, I created variations for the Bay Area, then for Seattle, and finally gave up on the concept, although I think either the L.A. or Seattle ones could've worked very well and been extremely popular, as well as fun to do.

Day 1
Freeway offramp
California girls
Condo opportunity
Dude at beach

Heading downtown
Earthquake drill
The angel Gabriel
101 crawl
Coyote and bobcat
Healthcare HMO
Cher and Zev and Vin
Rain in L.A.

Daily News
Disney Concert Hall
Apartment hunting
Bake sale
Ring of Fire
Philip Anschutz
LAPD courses

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