Vintage favorites These are some of my best and/or favorite cartoons from earlier in my career, with the two columns on the left containing work from the 1980s and 1990s, and the "Recently added" column containing work mostly from before 2010.

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Fault of the poor
Fossil fuels
Job cuts bottom line

Bush's farewell
Ventura County flooding
MLK and Obama
Bush Light
Fiscal conservatives

Bottled water
McCain running mate
Iraq black hole
Teach your children
The price of smugness
Arctic memorial
Gun map of the U.S.
Meth landscape
Calif. bring water
GMO ark
Healthcare denial
Above the law
Ann Coulter
Independence Day
Scientist warming
Cheney shoots
Seafood collapse
Moebius strip war
Santa Barbara News-Press
World and Darfur
Science microscope
Harriet Miers for Supreme Court
Bush Nero
The Genie
What global warming?
Abu Ghraib flag
Save the Planet sign

Advanced society giveth...
The alternative candidate

American Dream Helper
American pride

America, America light
Arnold & Girlie-men
Be fruitful and multiply
Bleeding flag
Blind Reagans & the elephant
Building a better Iraq
Bush Tracy court
Bush's brain
Campaign race, 1992
Candidate for the 90s
Clinton foreign policy
Cocaine use
Comics centennial
Continuing prisoners of Vietnam
Democrats’ health care plan
Editorial cartoonist jobs
Election Menu 2004
Email SPAM
Endangered species vote
The Environmental President
Erle Stanley Gardner
Fighting terrorism smoke
For the man with everything
Gaza Exit
Give me your tired, your poor
Gov't off their backs
Health care then & now
Holocaust hourglass
Hot-stove attitudes
Housing balloons
Humble software company
If you don’t vote

Intergalactic Lotto
Justice delayed
Life and advertising

Lifecycle of a tree

The Long Shot
The Merger News
Mideast retribution
New sexual revolution
Newspaper credo
One-track mind
Pandora's bottle in Iraq
Presidential selection formula
Prison populations
Putting God in school
Rambo, Ronbo
Reagan and sacrifice
Reagan versus Nixon
Reagan's gym
Reagan's night light
Rehnquist Court statue
Reuse it or...
Rodney King verdict
Shot an arrow
Singing in acid rain
Someday you'll be president
Southern Calif. fires
Spin, spin, spin
The Star Wars black hole
The Star Wars pilot
Thurgood Marshall leaves Court
Tsumani Bay of Bengal
Welfare loads
When I was a veep
Which group can save the Earth
Windows 98 marketing
World War II 50th anniversary

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