Politics These are cartoons on political themes and elections, and on national and world topics with some political nature to them. Newly expanded, with vintage cartoons on Carter, Reagan, Clinton and the Bushes.

Bill Clinton
Campaign race, 1992
BC in DC power

Heathcare in good hands

Heathcare patient
Overwhelmed fireman

Clinton builds his legacy
Forein policy shfter

An accomplishment

Utterly failed?

Welfare Peter Pan

Independent Counsel
What he'd say

Sex scandal impact on media
Clinton Library
Clinton and history
Democratic moods
Hillary off to New York
Hillary for Senate
Bill keeps hangin’ on

George Bush, the elder
Bush and Quayle win
Replacing Turgood
Work ethic revival
Will Rogers, George Bush
Family Values
Picking the best men
Bush's reading glasses
No New Taxes!
The environmental president
Bush Tracy's court
Bush and Quayle sing
Bush energy policy
Died for in Gulf War
Darn Congress
Campaign race, 1992
Recession jobs machine

Ronald Reagan
New Deal, Big Deal
Reagan & school prayer
Sacrifices for the deficit
Guide to the poor
Sense of class

Sic 'em!
Enjoy your sleep
Reagan's gym
Reagan versus Nixon
Rambo, Ronbo
The night light
Ron and South Africa
Nicaragua plan
Patriotic hole
A giant step backward

The Star Wars pilot

Jimmy Carter
Carter and Mondale
Mideast doors
Ping-pong diplomacy
Jimmy Kissinger
Camp David
Keep-away game
Making sacrifices
Re-election rally

Jimmy's schedule

Richard Nixon
Elder Statesman

Election 2004
John Kerry and chaos
John Kerry Rocket
Scary numbers
Jewish voters and Dubya
Ashcroft half-done
Dissing the Vietnam vet
The Election Menu
Four more years

Election 2000
Bradley and Gore

Not too big a doofus
Hillary campaigns in New York
Bush potential Court
Gore and California
Declare them both president
Dispute World
The Gwinch that stole...
Do blame me for the outcome

Bush "Dubya" the younger
Administration (older ones at top)
Cheney/Bush hearts & minds
Compassionate conservative
The Bush family nose
Concerns cancelling out
Bush national park plan
Bush advisers
James Watt Days, encore
Missile defense plan
The Axis of Evil
Afghan wars, current & upcoming
Afghanistan & Pakistan

Daschle and Bush
Corporate ethics speech
Bush's brain
Paths to an Iraq war
One-track mind
Bush and Reagan's legacy
Bush's tax compassion

Bolton into U.N.
FEMA and Katrina
No Rush administration
Cheney shoots a man
Bull in a china shop
Bush Nero
Bush's influence
Democrats' 2006 big win
Brick wall
Above the law
Harriet Miers
Alberto Gonzales leaves
Rumsfeld leaves
Cemeting a legacy
Science devolution
Scientist warming
Karl Rove leaves
Cornered in Iraq
Bush vs. Nixon
Bush, Cheney and oil
Bush's Farewell

Slimed by political ads
If you don’t vote

Computerized voting
Vote, you clowns!

Primary dates
Homer Simpsonization
Electronic voting machines

Misc. political topics
Ann Coulter
Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker
The candidate for the 1990s
Candidate with character

Ross Perot for president
Where do you stand on abortion
World trade
Gary Condit
Gingrich as Betsy Ross

Supreme Court and pot
John Burton
Events that affect fuel costs
Enron contributions

Armenian genocide new
Armenia and Turkey
Darfur and Holocaust
Darfur response
Genocide: enough.
Never Again


China Olympics smog
Olympics moth
Olympics bribes
Olympics security

Justice vs. Microsoft
Windows Glitch
Windows vs. other software
Windows 98 marketing

Humble software company
Justice Dept.vs. Microsoft
Microsoft settlement
Microsoft Monopoly

Misc. older cartoons
John Anderson runs, 1980

Continuing prisoners of Vietnam
Northern Ireland

Nuclear war evolution

(older ones at top)
Sept.11 attack/Liberty
Fighting smoke

Unity State of America
Taking in the view

Another New Yorker
Chapter 1, War on Terror
Bioterror vs. missiles

Ashcroft assault on caves

Homeland Security now & then
Guantanamo indefinitely

9/11 five-year anniversary

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