Sing-alongs This is a collection of cartoons in which parodies of familiar songs, or at least their structure and meter, have been used to make the commentary. Unfortunately, I don't yet have the ability to link any musical clips to these cartoons, so you'll just have to use your imagination, or ask a friend to sing it for you.
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LBJ vs. Paul Ryan
Beatles 50th anniversary
Pete Seeger
Ventura County flood zones

Runaway film production
Ventura County blues
Troops there to stay
Green Acres sex offenders
Madonna in Israel
Calif. out-migration
Calif. prop. 77 scratched
Israel Security Fence
California coastal access
1000 ways to fix Calif
James Watt Days, encore
Bill keeps hangin’ on
Hillary runs in New York
Can't take that away from me
Anybody seen Jessica
James Watt Days are here again
My country tis of grief

Oh beautiful for budget cuts
Questions go rolling along
School days, school daze
Smoke gets in your eyes
Spurs that jingle jangle
Surrogate Mothers Day
When I was a veep

Older cartoons (Calif./L.A.)
Pacific Electric red cars
Untreated wood roofs