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Informational graphics, explanatory diagrams, maps and charts

So. California climate change study
Home seismic safety
Freeway seismic safety
Blind thrust fault
Water softeners
Santa Ana winds
Lead hazards from shooting ranges

Bay Area commute
Marin wetlands

Water-saving rebates
Reusing methane from landfills

Rainwater harvesting
Fire and earthquake maps
Household pollutants

California water system
Liquefied Natural Gas
Wind wing aerofoil design
Biosolid sludge processing
Water purification
Marin County developable areas
Bolinas Lagoon disappears

Strawbale house
Earth freeze/fry
Quake test
Volcanic life

Oyster areas


Whether through explanatory graphics, illustrations or cartoons, Steve Greenberg can convey complex environmental issues in compelling visuals that the average person can understand, and will be happy to work with you on your projects.

Print and web illustration work
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Capturing wind energy
Technology in homes
Bacteria & antibiotics
Food wasting


Strawberry picking
Orcas (killer whales)
Washington state nuclear energy
White sturgeon

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